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Offset’s 32nd Birthday Bash Sparks Speculation Amidst Marital Strife

Solo Celebrations in Miami

Offset, one-third of the rap trio Migos, threw not one but two birthday bashes in Miami, celebrating his 32nd birthday in style. However, the festivities were overshadowed by the apparent strains in his marriage with Cardi B.

Late-Night Revelry

The rapper and his crew kicked off the celebration at the trendy ‘Coco Miami’ in the Miami Design District, partying until 3 AM. Unfazed, Offset then shifted the celebration to ‘Playa’ in South Beach, extending the revelry until a whopping 5 AM.

Throughout the night, Offset sported shades, projecting an image of nonchalance while being surrounded by a group of women, even arriving in a sprinter van filled with them.

Star-Studded Guest List

Among the notable attendees were producer Southside, Diddy’s son Justin Combs, and Miami Heat players Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Thomas Bryant. The star-studded guest list added flair to Offset’s birthday extravaganza.

Cardi B’s Upset at Home

While Offset painted the town red in Miami, Cardi B, his wife, was notably absent from the celebrations. Back at home, she expressed her distress about the state of their marriage through an explosive Instagram Live rant.

Explosive Instagram Live

During the live session, Cardi B accused her estranged husband of playing mind games and suggested that his behavior was influenced by his new solo album. Ironically, she highlighted her role in promoting the album, making it clear that their relationship had hit a breaking point.

As Offset basked in the birthday limelight, Cardi’s live rant hinted at the challenges in their marriage, leaving fans and onlookers speculating about the future of this high-profile couple.

Offset birthday zodiac sign is Sagittarius and we all wish him a very happy birthday!



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