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Newly Revealed UFO Footage Depicts ‘Jellyfish’ Craft Invisible to the Naked Eye, Hovering Over Town—Allegedly Concealed by Intelligence Community

A recently circulated video showcasing an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering over a US military base has ignited a wave of astonishment on social media. The footage, initially shared on Instagram by artist and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, later circulated on various platforms, including X (formerly Twitter).

Captured in black and white, the peculiar clip exhibits a jellyfish-like entity gliding above the joint operation base in Iraq, with the incident, dubbed an “incursion,” reportedly occurring in 2018 and purportedly recorded by the military. The release of this leaked video coincides with a surge in global reports of UFO sightings.

Just this week, the Miami police had to address a circulated video featuring a shootout, accompanied by claims of a “10-foot alien” outside a mall. In the latest footage, the enigmatic object seamlessly shifts between black and white, navigating effortlessly over the military facility.

According to Corbell, the “UFO” purportedly submerged itself in a lake, lingering for 17 minutes before resurfacing and rapidly ascending into the sky at a 45-degree angle.

Corbell detailed on Instagram, “The UAP displayed low observability, was not visible with Night Vision (IR) and appeared to jam the targeting capability of the optical platform.”

Social media erupted with diverse reactions to the video, with some users dismissing the object as a mere “smudge” on the camera lens, while others staunchly believed in its authenticity.

One user commented, “Not trying to be a killjoy, but it kinda looks like a smudge on the camera lens.” Another speculated, “If the jellyfish is changing temp, then so are these road barriers. It’s adjusting the temp scale to surroundings.” A third user remarked, “Don’t think I’ve ever seen any UAP display a varying thermal signature like that.”

This isn’t the first instance of Corbell revealing UFO footage over military installations, having previously shared sightings of a triangular craft and a “silver orb.” The ongoing fascination and debate surrounding such sightings continue to captivate the public’s imagination.



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