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Half-Eleven: Unveiling the V8-Powered Porsche Hot Rod You Never Imagined Desiring

The Half11 venture has been a multi-year endeavor dedicated to realizing the automotive fantasy envisioned by the Bridan brothers, the masterminds behind Southern California’s renowned Oil Stain Lab.

Born from the whims of childhood dreams involving the fusion of a 911 and an IndyCar, this audacious project commenced with the resurrection of an ancient 912’s rusty shell, evolving into a spontaneous, on-the-fly construction process.

The Bridan brothers successfully transformed their childhood dream into reality, birthing a machine that bears a closer resemblance to a Can Am car or a Targa Florio-dominating 908/3 than a traditional 911.

It’s a safe bet to assume that very little of the original 911 DNA remains in this project, if any at all. The entire bodywork underwent extensive reshaping, reaching a point where it’s challenging to identify the vehicle as a 911, except for the upright headlamps and distinctive fender tops.

However, this departure from convention does not diminish its undeniable coolness factor.

Renowned for his infectious rotary-powered enthusiasm, Rob Dahm, the charismatic host of the American Tuned series on Top Gear’s YouTube channel, had the privilege of steering this unique creation, becoming only the fourth individual to experience the thrill firsthand.

Dahm’s admiration for the car is unmistakable, offering viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of the unconventional machine that has been making waves on Instagram for the past few years.

While some might argue for retaining a Porsche flat-six powerplant, providing a distinct auditory and driving experience, the decision to opt for an LS-based Chevrolet V8 is commendable.

The Bridan brothers have invested substantial effort into ensuring that the engine’s sound sets it apart from any other LS-powered vehicle ever manufactured. In the world of automotive innovation, the Half11 stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and determination of those who dare to bring their childhood dreams to life.



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